Sales Funnel

Great! You have an online course and coaching packages to offer.

But you lack the technical experience for your product or service to “be found” by prospects.

For a business to thrive, you need clients.

For automating your business, you need a sales funnel.

How are people going to find you?

That’s where a Sales Funnel can help you automate your business.



7 Day Email Series


Discovery Calls

Do you have a mapped out plan for your potential clients?

Where once ideal clients find you, they are automatically taken care of!

Sample Sales Funnel

Compelling lead magnet or freebie opt-in to capture email address
On the Thank You Page, offer a low cost upsell of value packed pre-recorded video, or mini online course
Automatically, your prospect will receive email sequence with combinations of videos, invitation to webinar or masterclasses that offer tips and value to build rapport
In one of the automated emails, prospect will be offered to book complimentary discovery call – where you can directly pitch your offers
Prospect will continue to receive follow up emails and finally receive an email with an irresistable program’s sales page


Online Tools

Team Project Management

Bookkeeping & Payment

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