Top 5 Facebook Groups to Join if you are a Creative Entrepreneur

For those of us, creative entrepreneurs mainly working from the home office, it could get pretty lonely. I have to force myself to get out the door, sometimes just to even go grocery shopping to get a break from that home office. Get fresh air, take a walk to the beach (yes, I live in Hawaii) or sometimes take a break out in the backyard to check up on my growing vegetables.

Facebook Groups have allowed me to connect and interact with other creative entrepreneurs in all other fields from design, coaching, branding, you name it. The wealth of business knowledge, amongst feminine encouragement and collaboration have been phenomenal! Most of these groups have female members, run by female entrepreneurs.

I have had the opportunity to hire designers to help me with projects, while I have even picked up and connected with people that have become clients!

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been doing business for 10 years or if you are a business owner newbie. The Facebook Groups are filled with such valuable information!

Once you Join and get approved, click “FILE” and you will see each group has its own section of files that may involve a list of job posting, List of potential VA for hire, collaboration, goal sheets and much more.

Facebook Groups are dangerous – in the sense that you can spend HOURS a day on them, so use sparingly!

Female Entrepreneurs Collaborate


Stephanie Nickolich created her Facebook Group as a safe place to share online tools and information. She strictly prohibits anyone from promoting their online websites and Facebook pages, and maintains this site for female entrepreneurs needing support. Everyday of the week, she posts a business topic for us to share. Sometimes she does Instagram-Jam or Facebook shares, in which case we can share our sites.

Gena + Jordana & Your Magical Business

Jordana Gena

This lovely couple is a true example of how how an open business is run. Gena is a sparkly lawyer that helps entrepreneurs and Jordana built this Facebook Group that have encouraged thousands of entrepreneurs to boost their business from Meh to Thriving.

Savvy Business Owners


Heather Crabtree and her ambassadors host this Facebook group. I absolutely love this group, as i can post any questions about anything online and I would get a warm, loving response of helpful answers from wise range of ladypreneurs. Her weekly # include Make it Work Monday, Share & Care Tuesday, Wednesday Mixer, Thursday Talk, and Fistbump Friday.

Heart-Centered, Soul-Driven Entrepreneurs


 A fun & active crowd that Natasha Corbin has gathered. Again, no self promotion allowed, and usually following the daily # above.

Entrepreneurial Women

entrepreneurial women

Lastly, the Entrepreneurial Women group led by Louisa Zhou, a former corporate advertiser managing millions, quit her 9-5 and turned into an entrepreneur. Her main goal is to help other female entrepreneurs reach the dream job of their life, to help your business thrive.

Well, that’s a wrap for introducing you these 5 amazing Facebook Groups! So jump in and join them. But please read and follow guidelines in each Facebook Group, so you will not be kicked out. Jumping in and reading over other posts and introducing yourself is Step 1. Most importantly, connect with others and have fun.

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